698651- ICARE


As the rise of a “small waste package” agitation, each big brand handbags do more and more small size, fashionable tide people carrying their concave shape at the same time, often have also prepared a big bag for everyday items, like mobile phones, water bottle, umbrella seemed to hear this kind of demand, Y home this season, the new launching a so-called “can hold all the life” of the new ICARE bag bag, Names originated from Greek mythology characters – icarus, napa sheepskin stereo in the middle of the composition, halfback and aura, Y home creative director also said that this kind of bag is about to become the most impressive new brand, can not rely on for day-to-day little vanity people travel, Icare wide large capacity design and the modelling of a simple, clean, and must be very suitable for you!

Size: 38/58 X 43 X 8 CM /

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