Hermès Price Increase 2024: A Comprehensive Overview

As we move into 2024, Hermès has announced significant price increases across its luxury product range globally. This strategic decision reflects the brand’s efforts to maintain its exclusivity and address rising production costs. This blog post will delve into the reasons behind these price hikes, the impact on various regions, and how consumers can navigate these changes.

Reasons for the Price Increase

1. Rising Costs of Production

Materials and Labor: The costs of high-quality materials and skilled labor have surged globally, impacting the production expenses for luxury brands like Hermès. The increase in raw material prices and wages has necessitated these price adjustments.

2. Maintaining Exclusivity

Luxury Status: Hermès aims to ensure its products remain symbols of exclusivity and prestige. By increasing prices, the brand reinforces its position in the high-end market, making its items even more desirable and rare.

Global Price Changes

1. Europe

Bags: The Hermès Birkin and Kelly bags have seen notable price increases. For instance, the Birkin 30 Togo has risen from €8,900 to €9,400, marking a 5.6% increase. Similarly, the Kelly 28 Epsom Sellier now costs €10,300, up 13.2% from its previous price of €9,100.

Accessories: Accessories such as the Constance 18 in Epsom have increased by 3.7%, from €6,700 to €6,950. The Mini Lindy Clemence has seen a 7.8% increase, now priced at €5,500 up from €5,100.

2. United States

Bags: In the U.S., the Birkin 30 Togo now costs $12,500, up from $11,600 in 2023, representing a 7.8% increase. The Kelly 28 Epsom Sellier has increased to $12,500 from $11,800.

Accessories: Accessories have seen smaller increases compared to bags. For example, the Constance 18 in Epsom now costs $8,950, reflecting a modest increase from $8,750.

3. Other Regions

Australia: Prices for silk items like the Twilly have increased by over 13%, with cashmere shawls seeing a hike from AUD $1,895 to AUD $2,140.

Canada: Fine jewelry prices have risen by about 10%, and shoes by 20%, with silk items like the 90cm scarf now costing CAD $620, up from CAD $550.

China: Average price increases are around 10%, with some items rising as much as 20%.

UK: Silks have increased around 12%, with the 90cm scarf now at £450, up from £415.


Hermès’ 2024 price increase reflects both the rising costs of production and the brand’s ongoing commitment to maintaining its luxury image. While these adjustments might make Hermès products more expensive, they continue to promise unmatched quality and exclusivity. For consumers, planning and prioritizing purchases can help manage the impact of these price hikes.


Why is Hermès increasing prices in 2024?

The price hike is due to rising production costs, including materials and labor, and the need to maintain brand exclusivity.

Which products will see a price increase?

The increase will affect a wide range of products, including bags, accessories, and apparel.

Is the price increase applicable worldwide?

Yes, the price adjustment is being implemented globally.

How can consumers manage this price hike?

Plan and prioritize purchases, adjusting budgets accordingly.

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